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Travel Safe Micellar Water

I honestly cannot imagine my evening routine without micellar waters. But for as much as I love using my Bioderma, airplanes and traveling in general just don’t work out with waters in flimsy, squeezable plastic bottles…

Imagine the state of shock I fell in when at the airport, I realized I had forgotten Bioderma at home. As an airport Habitué, I instinctively headed for the airport pharmacy, only to discover that they sell Bioderma in giant and ridiculously overpriced bottles. Without any hope, I asked a saleslady for a smaller-sized alternative, and what shall I say: Thanks airport pharmacy for not selling travel-sized Bioderma: You made me discover Nuxe’s Eau de Mousse Micellaire!


First things first, Nuxe’s version of a micellar water is actually a micellar foam, which makes it perfect for traveling. The hard plastic container comes with a very sturdy pump dispenser: An additional security cap makes this product a 100 % mess free, which is what I have been looking for ever since Bioderma first spilled out into my beauty bag.

Contrary to Bioderma, Nuxe’s Eau de Mousse Micellaire is strongly scented of roses: The fact that rose water is the second ingredient speaks for the high quality of the product. As far as gentleness goes, the Nuxe Mousse is suitable for dry and sensitive skin, but it might slightly sting your eyes if you use it to take your eye make-up off. It relies on sodium lauryl sulfate as a surfactant, which on the one hand is necessary for the product to lather up, but on the other hand might be quite harsh on your skin in the long run.

The Eau de Mousse is used either on its own or after a first cleanse, for instance with a make-up removing oil (which are also a nightmare to travel with!!): I like to gently massage my face and eye area with one or two pumps of the foam and to then take the product off with a flannel or wash cloth. Just using water to rinse it off would be fine as well, but I like to add the aspect of mechanical cleansing that a cotton pad would give me when using Bioderma.


Since it makes for a fun change in texture and scent and does not spill into your luggage, I definitely recommend Nuxe’s Eau de Mousse as a travel product: Plus, it is a great example for Nuxe doing more than only its super famous Rêve de Miel 🙂  However, I would restrict my recommendation to this foam as a travel product only. Considering the presence of Alkyl Sulphates and SLS in particular, Eau de Mousse certainly would end up drying out sensitive skin if used for a prolonged period of time. For a few days away however, Nuxe’s Eau de Mousse Micellaire is a perfectly sized (50 ml), mess free and deliciously scented holiday treat for your skin.


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