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Discovery: Davines’ Responsible Hair Care

The fact that Hairvember is over doesn’t mean I have stopped trying out new hair care products 🙂 Today, I am going to review two signature products of the unique, yet relatively unknown brand Davines, that definitely deserves more attention!

I first got into touch with Davines on recommendation of my hair dresser, who also used a few of their products on me in the salon. Since the results really wowed me and the products managed to tame and soften my greatly dehydrated mane, I was convinced on the spot and bought Davines’ Momo Conditioner as well as their OI All in One Beauty Milk, which I have been putting to the test over the past few weeks.

As a brand, Davines stands out amongst other hair care brands both because of their brand history and philosophy: Founded in 1983 in Parma (Italy), Davines is a family-owned business up to this day. Sustainability enjoys high priority, whether it is in regard to minimizing the impact on the environment, to privileged use of natural ingredients,  to “freedom of creation” or in regard to ethics: Read more on Davines’ amazing homepage, which they have clearly invested a lot of thought and love in. Given the company’s respectful approach to nature, to their customers and their employees (Davines was listed as one of the best 100 companies to work for in Italy), I highly recommend their products to everyone who is trying to make responsible choices as a consumer.

Despite not being an organic brand, Davines claims to rely on natural ingredients associated with cutting-edge cosmetic technologies in order to guarantee product efficiency as well as safety.


  • Momo Conditioner, a “moisturizing revitalizing creme for dry and dehydrated hair”, contains two great humectants (glycerin and panthenol) to add back moisture (i.e. water) into your hair, whilst a blend of various fatty alcohols (cetearyl, behenyl and lauryl alcohol), vitamin E, jojoba seed oil and milk thistle seed oil help to nourish it. Film-forming cationic surfactants (cetrimonium chloride, behentrimonium chloride) detangle your hair and maintain moisture within the shaft. Citric acid makes the cuticles lie flat on the shaft and helps to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. The Momo Conditioner contains (water-soluble!) silicones (dimethicone, C30-45 alkyl methicone, amodimethicone) that, just like the cationic surfactants, work as film-formers: However, Davines also sell silicone free products if you are avoiding this ingredient.  Davines_1
  • Davines’ OI All in One Multi Benefit Beauty Treatment for all hair types mainly relies on the humectant panthenol as its third ingredient, which, just like glycerin, draws moisture back into the shaft. Apart from these two ingredients, the OI Milk mainly works with fatty alcohols (cetearyl and cetyl alcohol), sunflower seed oil, roucou oil and vitamin E as its main nourishing agents. Cationic surfactants like behentrimonium chloride and silicones (amodimeticone) form a film that makes your hair easy to detangle even when it is still wet, and that retains moisture as well as lipids. I was never even remotely able to brush my wet hair, which always made it dry quite frizzily, but using this spray-on milk has helped a lot!

Other than because of their brand philosophy, Davines products stand out to me for three main reasons:

  • First of all, Davines have struck a balance between natural and high-tech ingredients, making for efficient products that keep their claims. If you want to try only one product, I would recommend the OI Milk spray, because it is quick to use and it leaves your hair incredibly soft and detangled when used on wet hair. Besides, it also works as a great touch-up product if frizz starts to show up after a day or two, thus being one of these all-round life-saving products that no woman should be missing in their beauty cabinet. Davines products are reasonably and responsibly priced, retailing at around 20 € (Momo, 250 ml) respectively 22 € (OI milk, 125 ml).
  • Like Aesop, Davines uses old-pharmacy inspired packaging that certainly makes for a classy eye-catcher in your shower.
  • What I love most about the brand however is the the uniquely beautiful fragrance of their products. I would describe the scents as nostalgic, fallen-out-of-time compositions in the best possible sense of the word, as reminders of happy olden days we have never lived, as dreams of an old, countryside garden at the end of a long summer’s day, of evening heat in a mansard-roofed cottage room, of dusty air filled with the scent of cut flowers, of a wooden bed and coarse linen, of the fragrant bliss of peak-of-summer nights.

Just like Lush’s Hot Toddy, Davines products are a perfect example of how ingredients and visible effects only make for 50 percent of a product’s performance. The other 50 percent are a lot harder to find: They are about the magic of texture, of packaging and of scent, about the magic of how a product makes you feel and what it makes you dream of. These 50 percent can neither be described nor measured in money’s worth, but they can certainly be experienced.


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