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The Perfect Business Perfume

The festive days are over and for most of us, it is time to get back to business. For me, this also means it is time to present you my top pick for business perfumes of this winter! ūüôā

Kenzo_JeuDAmourI personally like to choose my perfume of the day accordingly to my tasks or planned activities; so when I need to get stuff done, I’d rather not wear Escada Taj Sunset or any other perfume that says “cocktails on the beach”. I recently discovered¬†Kenzo’s Jeu d’Amour (it was one of my Christmas presents¬†‚ô•) and would like to introduce it to you as a perfect scent for working, maybe even meeting days, where you want to live your femininity while also bringing out your grown-up, strong, businessy side.

First, let’s note that I totally disagree with the name: Kenzo’s new perfume has got strictly nothing sweet, dulcet or flirtatious that would justify the naming. If anything, one¬†could call it sexy in its confidence. Most of all however, I would qualify Jeu d’Amour as a very straightforward, classically elegant, pure floral scent. Despite its headnotes being¬†blood mandarin, pomegranate and tea,¬†Jeu d’Amour is a floral scent through and through, dominated by tuberose and freesia. Base notes of sandalwood and musk add a beautiful velvetiness.

The newest creation of Daphne Bugey¬†and¬†Christophe Raynaud¬†is really potently scented and a little goes a long way, since it is an Eau de Parfum, not an Eau de Toilette. For all¬†its intensity, it will suit any woman aged 20 to 99, as long as it¬†is worn on the right occasion: You would not want to choose¬†Jeu d’Amour¬†for going clubbing, having a walk in the countryside¬†or eating¬†cupcakes with your girlfriends. Consider it your Big Girl Perfume, that will not fail you on business meetings and make you come across as a strong, independent and clear-thinking woman whilst nonetheless helping your grand entrance and underlining your elegance, beauty and femininity.

In my books, Kenzo’s new Eau de Parfum is a¬†really nice and fail-safe¬†gift for almost every woman, unless you know she strictly dislikes floral scents. First of all, women tend to buy more cosy, girly or going out type scents for themselves and therefore mostly don’t even own a business¬†one.¬†Secondly, Kenzo is a luxury brand known for classiness¬†and sophistication, which is something you can never go wrong with. The brand’s sense for both elegance and luxuriousness is also expressed in the bottle, which combines pure¬†and precise¬†line management and crystalline transparency to the femininity of rose gold and the elegance of an insinuated ball gown.

Jeu d’Amour retails at around¬†55 ‚ā¨ per 30 ml. Remember to give it a try¬†next time you stop by at Sephora: It might well one day make for a perfect gift, or finally add that business perfume¬†your collection was missing ūüôā


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