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My Top 5 Make-Up Products of 2014


After having talked about my skin care indispensables on Tuesday, today, I want to present you my life-saving, go-to, must-have make-up items of 2014 ūüôā I again limited myself to five products in order to isolate the ones that really stood out to me.

  • ChrimaLuxe Mineral Foundation and Silk Powder

I have never been using liquid foundation and I probably never will, because I am a firm believer in a combination of healthy, glowing skin, a good concealer where it is needed and just a light dust of powder for the rest of my face. Since I don’t trust the ingredient “talc” in my face powder (for reasons that require a blog post of their own), I tried this talc-free mineral make-up a few years back and liked it so much¬†that I have been using noting else ever since. As the name indicates, the ChrimaLuxe silk powder consists of¬†reaaaaaaly finely ground silk (and nothing else!): It beautifully mattifies your skin without bringing out dry patches or making your face look cakey or plastered. On top of that, the mineral foundation has got a very natural-looking medium coverage and is available in an incredible colour range. You could even mix two colours for a perfect match. I for sure will do a separate review on these two products, but for the time being, keep them in mind as a beautiful and affordable¬†alternative for high-end mineral make-up brands like BareMinerals.


  • Alverde Eyeshadow in Warm Vanilla

Whether I am wearing a full-on smokey eye or just mascara, I always like to cancel out any redness or discolourations on my eyelids, which requires a creamy, yet really high pigmented eyeshadow. I have discovered this Alverde product¬†a few years back and it has become my go-to everyday (!) eyeshadow, because it works beautifully¬†on its own or as a colour-correcting base for a more elaborate eye make-up. There is only one other shadow that compares to this one in terms of consistency and pigmentation (“Cream” from the Lorac Pro 1), but since the Alverde shadow is more easily available (in Germany at least) and obviously a lot less expensive (2,95 ‚ā¨), I highly recommend you give it a go. As you can see from the picture, I clearly love mine ūüôā



  • Yves Saint Laurent Marrakesh Sunset Palette

Surprisingly, this palette has become a favourite because of the one colour I thought I wouldn’t like. I bought the palette because the champagne, brown, gold and apricot shades are all such beautiful everyday colours that can be applied even in a hurry: Like most high-end brands, the shadows are not extremely highly pigmented, which prevents over-application. At first, I totally neglected the purple shade, which looks crazily scary on its own and in the pan, but when I first tried it, it turned out to be the most magical eyeshadow I own, because it adds just a little bit of indescribable je-ne-sais-quoi to any crease-work or eyeliner! It immediately transforms the usual¬†grey-brown-black colours we tend to use on our eyes into a smokey,¬†mysterious and unique notion of cold and warm combined. You can see the effect in the gorgeous Ruth Crilly’s tutorial. Unfortunately, the palette was a limited edition and you won’t be able to get hold of this exact shadow, but keep the trick in mind of you ever stumble across a bright purple eyeshadow and wonder what to do with it.



  • Ebelin Brushes

Every make-up look depends on good brushes. These Ebelin ones, as I have stated in my Holiday Gift Guide, are cheap as chips, but really keep up with more popular and more expensive brands like the RealTechniques brushes by Sam and Nic Chapman. Unfortunaltely, the brush selection is still pretty small, but if you are looking for a good and affordable powder, blush or blending brush, check them out!

  • Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil in Pistol

Last, but not, least, THE life-saver of 2014! I like to line my eyes even when I am doing nothing else in terms of eye make-up, but we all know that lining your eyes when in a hurry (which is always…) is not a good idea. I bought¬†this double-ended eye pencil purely because of the famous other, black end¬†(Perversion, the Holy Grail of tightlining): However, I came to like Pistol just as much, but for a whole other purpose. Whilst I use Perversion in elaborate eye make-ups on my waterline to add depth and darkness, I rely on Pistol as an everyday, 30-seconds-or-less fail-safe eyeliner. It literally applies in a few seconds (you could even do it on a train or bus), it is dark enough to add the effect of a lined eye, but light and forgiving enough to never look wonky or badly done. Just like the black side, this¬†slightly metallic dark bronze colour is extremely long-lasting, therefore making for a great base,¬†but it is also beautiful to look at on its own.¬†If you are searching for a waterproof, long lasting and most importantly all-purpose eye pencil, that serves as a base or as a liner,¬†for tightlining or normal eyelining, in elaborate make-ups or in make-up hurries, you should definitely think about making a little investment in this one ūüôā




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