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My Top 5 Skin Care Products of 2014


Paradoxically, the beginning of a new year always feels like a time of looking back to me, a time to reconsider what went right and wrong in the past 12 months. This year, I expanded my considerations about sleep schedules, exercise regimes, behavioral patterns, diets, relationships – and whatever else you might want to rethink – to my beauty routine and made myself pick five products that really stood out to me in 2014. They are all tried and tested, mostly not only by me, but by the whole beauty community, and suitable for all skin types: So if you are looking for fail-safe investments in your skin care, this might give you some inspiration 🙂

  • MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil

Even though I am only halfway through my first bottle, MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil has become indispensable as a make-up remover, for reasons that have been known to the beauty community for a long time: This oil dissolves a whole face of make-up including thick foundation and three layers of water-proof mascara in a twinkling of an eye, gently and without scrubbing, it is extremely cost-efficient, the ingredients are impeccable even for the most fussy amongst us, and last but not least, its beautiful, delicate and relaxing scent invites you to turn your everyday cleansing routine into a luxury at-home face massage. For more informations and a step-by-step picture guide, read my in-depth review.


  • Bioderma Créaline H20

Yes, another iconic product that you will all be familiar with by now. Still, Bioderma is worth the hype, and I could not not include it in my favourites, since I rely on this micellar water religiously to get rid of every last trace of make-up that might still be on my face after having washed it with MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil. Keep in mind how important it is to give your skin a good, yet gentle cleanse once a day: Otherwise, even your most expensive serums and creams are not going to do their job the way they should… Bioderma is THE product to assure a perfect cleanse: It is practically scent-free, there is no luxury aspect about its packaging or the marketing, but it just w-o-r-k-s, leaving your skin clean as clean as a whistle. It is the perfect combination of efficiency and gentleness, it is suitable even for the most irritated of skins, and you MUST give it a try of you haven’t so far 🙂


  • La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar H Multi-Compensating Soothing Moisturizer

Unlike the two previous products, this moisturizer is definitely not getting the attention it deserves: Effaclar H was designed for “oily skin weakened by over-drying treatments”, which makes it a super intense moisturizer that on the one hand really does provide the “long lasting comfort” it promises, but that on the other hand will not block your pores or break you out, since it was conceived for acne-prone skin. I have never used a moisturizer that I trusted more both in terms of hydration and spot prevention than this one, and I plan on doing an in-depth review soon. In the meantime, I highly recommend you give this moisturizer a try if you are looking for a new one, because it does nothing more, but also nothing less than what it claims.


  • Schaebens Totes Meer Maske

This intensely purifying mud mask is widely popular in Germany, it has accompanied me for many years and it has never failed to do its job: It can sting like hell when you first apply it (depending on your skin type), but surprisingly, it does not leave your skin red or irritated after you rinse (or rather: chisel) it off (it dries bone hard). Most importantly however, it leaves your skin feeling and looking deeply cleansed and decongested afterwards, which is what I expect from a mud mask. So far, I have not found another product to be equally efficient, gentle and affordable, but if you have got any recommendations, let me know in the comments 🙂


  • Weleda Everon Lip Balm

Even though Weleda products seem to have been getting a bit more attention lately, this goody has not appeared on many of the big blogs so far: Time to change this by at least giving it a shout-out in my little corner of the internet 🙂 Weleda Everon certainly is amongst my top 3 favourite lip balms of all times in terms of moisturizing efficiency: On top of that, it really stands out firstly because of its great, natural ingredients and secondly because of its unique texture: Since the stick is slightly waxy rather that creamy or oily, Everon goes on almost matt (I repeat: matt!!!) and therefore makes for the perfect lipstick base: Plus, it is called ever-on for a reason 🙂




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