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My Favourite Winter Perfume 2014

For the past couple of years, I have mainly been using rather sour citrus-based italian perfumes by Escada, Dolce&Gabbana and Moschino. When a friend introduced me to Escada Elixir however, my love for tart scents was taken to a whole other level!


30 ml of Escada Elixir retail at around 50 €. The perfume itself is bright pink, but don’t worry, it doesn’t leave any discoloration on your clothing. Since winter equals strong winds and layered clothes, I need a rather potent scent that accompanies me throughout my day: This 2013 Escada perfume however has got a lot more to offer than only good staying powers.

Just like the heavy, angular glass bottle with its opulent golden monogram lid, Escada Elixir is boldly elegant: There is nothing playful or sweet about the tart head notes of grapefruit, ambrette seeds and pear, whose sour recklessness is continued in the middle notes. Fearless prune and plum accords vest floral rose and ylang-ylang notes in unforeseen strength. The perfume grounds on the cool and sophisticated warmth of cashmere, patchouli, white musk, dry amber and Madagascar vanilla that completely lacks oriental reminiscences and leaves the scent’s aloofness untouched. Its coolness and sophistication are absolute.

Escada Elixir is the unforeseen and long-awaited incorporation of boldness and elegance, the patent leather heel and the platinum jewelry of perfumes, and a performative homage to willfulness.


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