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My Favourite Winter Eye

Make-up wise, winter equals dilemma to me! On the one hand, the Holidays are all about luscious lips, on the other hand, a nude eye, which I would usually pair with a dark lip, doesn’t even nearly satisfy my desire for festivity and sparkle 🙂 Pixiwoo inspired me to this Holiday eye make-up, which perfectly accompanies a dark lip, but is still glamorous and festive in and of itself.

As for any eye make-up, I start by concealing my under-eye area and by filling in my brows: Use whatever product works fine for you. I then follow up with the insanely pigmented shade “Cream” from my Lorac Pro palette in order to create a blank canvas and cancel out any redness on my lids and under my eyes.1

Lorac_CreamIn order to give my eye more definition, I blend “Mauve” and then “Sable” (both from the Lorac) into my crease with a very light hand using a fluffy blending brush. I chose these two colours because they are matt and very close to the shade of natural shadows on my face. One could of course go for a darker grey or a bolder red-toned colour, but for this eye make-up, I I tried to keep the crease work as subtle as possible, so that the finished look would still be calm enough to accompany a red lip. IMG_21442What makes this eye make-up special is the fact that its glamour does not depend on the crease work, but purely on the liners: Yes, this look does indeed involve two separate eye liners! I started with a black Essence eye pencil in “Black Fever” and followed up with the shadow “Black” from the Lorac to intensify the colour.


To make this look festive, a really glamorous second, silver glitter liner is added on top of the first one. All credits go to Pixiwoo and GlamlifeGuru, whom I have seen using this technique on multiple occasions. I first add a line of Nyx’s Wonder Pencil right above the black line and then reaaaally carefully top it off with a gorgeous, almost white silver glitter from Dior’s Golden Snow palette (LE 2013). You can use any white glittery shadow you own, but make sure to work quite accurately, because this look fully depends on the elegance and precision of the two liners.


If you went for a really subtle, daytime look with just a little festive extra, you could definitely leave it here. I however chose to add a dramatic winged liner: First of all, winged liner has become a standard partner for red lips over the past couple of years, and secondly, the deep black colour beautifully enhances the contrast and makes the light silver line pop even more.7I really love the stark contrast and the festive, yet clean elegance of the two liners: When wearing this eye make-up paired with a dark lip, I neither feel like I am wearing too much make-up, nor like I am missing out on the sparkle and festivity of the Holidays. Dilemma solved! 🙂

What kind of look do you gravitate towards during this time of the year? Let me know in the comments below!


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