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Sunday Funday: My Favourite December Nail Polishes

Whilst in autumn, I am drawn more towards sleek, yet cosy dark colours and faux-noirs, the month of December is all about festive sparkle, rich metallic reflections and opulent bright colours. Check out my five favourite polishes and try not to think about the hours it takes to remove such a manicure 😀 

  • Essie Hors d’Oeuvre

If you’ve ever wondered whether glitter and sparkles can look sophisticated, Essie’s Hors d’Oeuvre answers your question with a definite “maybe” 😀 But the Holidays are not the appropriate season to worry about decency of festivity: Just enjoy this posh silver shade, whose coolness and elegance is only ever so slightly disturbed by an explosion of round dark silver glitter particles and subtle green and light purple reflections…


  • Essie’s A Cut Above

When Christmas met Girlyness, A Cut Above was born. I love this polish as an effect coat over all kinds of muted lighter colours, which beautifully show the different sizes and shapes of dark red and golden-pink glitter.


  • Essie’s Lots of Lux

One could describe Lots of Lux as a royal blue polish with very dense, very small royal blue, silver and green shimmer particles. Or one could call it a starry magical winter night’s sky.


  • Chanel 531 Péridot

I’ve never received more compliments on a nail polish than on Chanel’s Péridot, which catches the eye with its intriguing duochrome effect: It fluctuates between a cool and rather dark Péridot colour and an utterly indescribable, rich and iridescent green-gold that is as close to the look of antique velvet fabrics as a nail polish will ever be.


  • P2 Fever

Finally, the Christmas Eve polish par excellence:  Let’s just call it bottled festivity 🙂




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