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Christmas Gift Guide on a Budget


Christmas is pretty much just around the corner, which means that it’s high time to start thinking about the whole gift situation… In case you need some inspiration, I gathered some gift ideas for every budget 🙂

  • Under 5 €

Even though nowadays, finding reasonably priced, high quality make-up brushes is not as difficult anymore as it used to be a few years ago, finding a decent brush for less than 5 € still is quite the challenge. The German brand Ebelin brought out a small, but really nice range of good synthetic brushes, all retailing at less than 5 €! Adding up a few smaller ones or just wrapping the big powder brush nicely will make for a present that certainly gives every make-up lover pleasure.


  • Under 15 €

Lush have got really gorgeous, fun and colorful gift sets: However, they often contain one more expensive product that boosts the price of the whole set. Creating your own set of four or five Lush bath bombs and wrapping them in a box from the dollar store will get you a nicer present containing more products than spending the same amount of money on a pre-made set.

  • Under 30 €

I really like to offer things that express how much I care for my friends and family: If I know somebody is going through a tough time, I love to gift Aveda’s aromatherapeutic chakra body mists as a thoughtful present that says “I care for you”.


  • Under 40 €

If you prefer to offer bigger sets rather than just one more expensive item, Soap&Glory is the perfect brand for you. Not only are their packagings adorable and funny, their products are also really efficient and retail at prices that allow you to get your loved ones a lot of full-sized products, making for a really opulent and fun present. If you haven’t tried anything from Soap&Glory yet, I highly recommend you try their scrubs, especially their AHA facial Scrub Your Nose In It and their body scrubs.

  • Under 50 €

Christmas presents are all about offering things you know your loved ones would appreciate, but not necessarily buy for themselves. The Roques Oneil Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts are high-performance relaxing bath salts that come in the most luxurious, yet sleek black glass packaging stunning both men and women. Add a good book to present quality me time. Roques Oneil also does amazing sets under 50 € that will make for a really thoughtful and very opulent gift: What says love and care for somebody more than to gift a product that celebrates rituals of relaxation, luxury and self-appreciation?



(Creative Commons Christmas Presents Under the Tree by Alan Cleaver is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Annotations by myself)


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