Sunday Funday: November Favourites

Guys, Christmas is less than one month away, and I couldn’t be more excited for the festive days to come! But before we say good-bye to autumn and ring in the cheer, just give me one last moment to look back and share my November favourites with you 🙂

As I announced in last month’s favourites, November was all about lips! For reasons that I might talk about in more detail in a future blog post, I could’t wear lipstick for almost a year. In October, I eased back into wearing more than just lip balm with NYX’s Butter Gloss in Tiramisu, but in November, I finally felt like I could pull off a statement lip again. My favourite shade for the past month has been Catrice’s Berry Bradshaw, a very cool-toned, semi-matte cassis colour. I am sure that in December, I’m gonna go for the really festive, really red lip (I might splurge on my first MAC lippie…), but for November, this tone was perfect in my opinion. See for yourselves:


The next favourite came as a total surprise: Whilst I’ve always liked a nice cup of relaxing herbal tea in the evening, black tea never appealed to me. A few months ago however, I purchased Cupper’s English Breakfast Tea (purely because of the packaging…), and what shall I say? Now that I’ve tried it, I cannot imagine my mornings without a cup of black tea: It wakes me up without the harshness or bitterness of coffee, which is a but too much for me as my first drink of the day. Since I am still fairly new to the whole business, I can’t really judge the quality of the tea itself, but to me, it tastes nice and looks cute enough 🙂


Does it happen to you to live in one and the same pair of boots for an entire winter, even though there are plenty of others waiting to be taken out? I have to confess that I am totally guilty of this crime, and these Mango ankle boots are what make me do it:Mango_Ankle

I chased through every single Mango in my city to find them in my size, but I am so happy I did! Their heel is just right in my books, they never make you look under- or overdressed, and they go with virtually everything apart from cocktail dresses. Well done, Mango!

As far as nail polish is concerned, I totally fell in love with Catrice’s Vino Tinto, which I have been wearing for the entire month, with just a few Over the Taupe intermezzi. It is cheap as chips, but the quality is definitely up there with Essie, O.P.I. and Sally Hansen! As I’ve explained in the Me Time Tag, the colour is hard to capture, but this picture should give you an idea:


Last, but certainly not least: Lush’s Hot Toddy. Let me just quote myself because I don’t want to strike up another hymn of praise:  Hot Toddy is pre-Christmas excitement, festive intensity of experience, warmth and security, cheers, laughter and christmas treats, all caught in one bottle! Please check out my review for more information, or (which I would recommend you do) just nip to your nearest Lush and convince yourselves that you n-e-e-d this for christmas 🙂



Disclaimer: The thumbnail picture “Whooper Swans, Martin Mere WWT, Burscough, 2nd November 2013” by Gidzy is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Desaturated from original


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