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Sunday Funday: Lush’s PERFECT Christmas Shower Gel for Him&Her

Lush_HotToddy If you follow me on Twitter, you might already know that on Friday, I bought Lush’s christmas shower gel Hot Toddy on my way to the cinema. As a Christmas-oholic, I always find it hard to resist the temptation if a product claims to enhance the festive spirit, but for Hot Toddy in particular, it was virtually impossible not to give in!

First of all, have you ever seen such a gorgeous, gem-like, sparkly, ruby red in a shower gel? Colourwise, Hot Toddy is bottled christmas perfection. And how should I even begin to describe the uniqueness of this scent? Forget your apple, orange and cinnamon classics, because Hot Toddy smells unlike anything christmas-related you will have ever smelled before! It contains extracts of ginger, cloves, patchouli, cinnamon leaves, sweet oranges, limes, Irish moss, lemon juice and sea salt, but the final product is so much more than the sum of its parts. I find it very hard to describe or compare this reeeeaaaally lingering festive scent, since it is sweet and pleasantly tart at the same time (which makes it an ideal unisex product). It is difficult to discern any of the ingredients on their own, but all together, they harmonize to compose the most intense, warm and heavenly festive symphony you could ever experience in the shower. Hot Toddy is pre-Christmas excitement, festive intensity of experience, warmth and security, cheers, laughter and christmas treats, all caught in one bottle. Once more, Lush have created a perfect example of a product whose value cannot be measured in mere ingredients or money. If you are a Christmas lover like me, I cannot recommend this shower gel enough to celebrate the season: Hot Toddy brings the Holidays into your bathroom – with bells on 🙂


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