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Sunday Funday: Tea Escapes


Even though I am very busy researching for my first Hairvember post, I couldn’t wait to share a new tea discovery with you. Whilst browsing my health food store for stuff I actually needed, I stumbled upon this tea assortment called “Buddha Box” by Hari Tea. Since to me, drinking a cup of tea has almost got a ceremonial side, I was immediately drawn to this collection of eleven different kinds of organic teas.

First of all, could we just take a moment to appreciate the extremely elaborate packaging? From the outside, it is beautifully designed and even embossed with a relief pattern to create intricate haptic effects. Taking out a bag of tea feels as luxurious as opening a box of chocolates, because in order to get to your tea, you “have to” open the main lid, then an imitation of a temple door and finally a layer of wrapping tissue that completes the “box of chocolates”-experience.


The tea bags are individually wrapped, and each wrapper provides you with preparation instructions as well as a few “words of wisdom” attuned to the tea you are about to drink. It goes without saying that the tea itself is of first-class, organic quality. The Buddha Box contains a nice mixture of herbal, black and green teas and accommodates every taste: It is made to accompany you throughout the day and help with bodily and emotional balance. The degree to which this product is elaborate is even visible in the tea bags themselves, which are unlike anything I have ever seen before: They are made of the most delicate, gossamer-like fabric and not glued, but sewn. You cannot not be detracted from whatever might have been on your mind, and notice just how exquisite every single aspect of this product is. Even the act of preparing a cup of Hari Tea thus turns into a relaxing experience that takes you away on a brief escape from everyday stress and struggle.


I think that the Buddha Box isn’t only a beautiful little bit of everyday luxury that you should treat yourself to on winter days, but that – christmas being less than 50 days away – it it also makes for a great stocking-filler! Keep the thought in mind, it might come in handy 🙂



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