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Announcement: Hairvember


As I am sure most of you will know, the month of November has been turned into “Movember” by The Movember Foundation, enticing men all around the world to sign up, grow a moustache and use the conversations arising about their surprising new feature to raise awareness for men’s health. I am a big fan of this idea, but unfortunately (or luckily), I am missing the Y chromosome to grow a moustache myself 🙂 All I can do is tell you about Movember in case you didn’t already know about it, and then get back to business.

But even if there isn’t much I can do in terms of the Movember Movement, I still plan to stick to the hairy theme it has set and dedicate a number of November’s blog posts to hair and hair care. Whether it be the myth of the 100 brushstrokes, the hype around argan oil or the demonization of silicones, the pieces of advice around hair care are countless – and oftentimes contradictory. I myself have to admit that for a long time, I’ve not been able to see the wood for the trees, which is something I want to change!

So I invite you to join me on my hair care journey, to sound out the most frequently heard pieces of advice, bust popular myths, find out what all the hype around super expensive products and tools really is about; to re-evaluate underestimated tips and to discover products and techniques you may have never even heard of.



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