Review: Taylor Swift’s Made of Starlight

I have to admit that in the first place, I ordered Taylor Swift’s Made of Starlight perfume purely because of its luxurious and classically elegant glass bottle, which I spotted in one of Fleur de Force’s videos. But as soon as this rich and sweet, yet sophisticated fragrance hit my nose for the first time, I fell head over heals in love with it.

In my opinion, this (really affordable!) perfume is the perfect autumn day-time fragrance: It smells of a ripe fruit basket and of apricots in particular. However, the fruity sweetness is very elegantly balanced by the freshness and subtle acidity of passion fruit and mandarin leaves. The floral heart notes of honeysuckle, orange blossom and osmanthus emphazise Made of Starlight’s clean and sophisticated side, whilst wood and musk base notes add depth and richness and help the eau de toilettes’ remarkable staying power. Made of Starlight definitely accompanies you from morning to night and leaves your hair and clothes scented for days.

So if you are looking for an elegant fragrance that still captures the sweetness and warmth of those last autumn days, of freshly harvested fruit and the pleasure of wrapping up in wool and cashmere again, I highly recommend you give Taylor Swift’s Made of Starlight a try.

Have you got other perfume recommendations for this time of the year? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below 🙂

Thanks and enjoy the season


N.B.: Made of Starlight is produced by Elizabeth Arden and is available in a 30 ml (around 20 €) oder 50 ml (around 30 €) bottle. The 50 ml version comes in a music box that plays Taylor Swift’s song Starlight.


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